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RideSocial Frequently asked Questions

What is RideSocial?

RideSocial is a mobile app (iPhone/iPad and Android) that's designed to work with your indoor riding work out. RideSocial also includes a range of HD video riding routes from around the world. As you ride, you travel through the video routes with your riding speed controlling the video speed. RideSocial can track your speed in a variety of ways. However, these video routes are not just video. They are 3D worlds and when you’re riding them, you are also actually in them.

With RideSocial , you can cycle amazing real-world locations live, from your indoor bike.

How do I get RideSocial?

RideSocial is available free for Apple and Android devices. Download on: App Store » | Google play »

Where can I use it?

RideSocial can work with any indoor bike trainer whether in the home, gym or hotel. We can track your speed in different ways with or without extra hardware - see below for more info on tracking your ride. We will be adding further exercise activities and outdoor capability. In the meantime, you can always just use manual control if you want to explore routes while on your bike.

How does RideSocial track my speed?

RideSocial can track you in a number of ways. No special hardware is required although we do have hardware tracking solutions. Currently, there are three ways your speed can be adjusted in the app:

  1. Control your RideSocial speed manually swiping the video screen side to side, and making fine adjustments using the plus and minus buttons.
  2. RideSocial can connect to a growing number of Bluetooth connected wearable trackers for speed and cadence, including ones by Wahoo, Polar, and Milestone.
  3. RideSocial can connect directly via Bluetooth to a number of high quality manufacturers including Life Fitness (Discover and Track Connect consoles) and Schwinn from Nautilus.

Once connected, which you do from within the RideSocial app, you get real time speed data (nad cadence if available) directly from the trainer.

How do I see it?

You can see it on your mobile device – the iPad or Android tablet screen looks great. If you want a bigger screen experience, the RideSocial app is specially built for it. See here for more info »

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