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About Us

RideSocial’s mission is to help make fitness more fun. There has been some great innovation in digital fitness in recent years but primarily focused on data and tracking.

We believe technology should also change the fitness experience while doing it. This is our focus - to make the fitness experience itself more fun and motivating. To succeed here will profoundly impact people’s lives.

The technology underlying what we do is “mixed reality” – we use computer vision and a propriatary system to enable the convergence of video, 3D environments, live interaction and efficient online delivery to target milions of users worldwide.

Contact Us

For general equiries email us at: support@runsocial.com

For media enquiries, please email: info@runsocial.com

For business and investment enquiries: business@runsocial.com

We are always looking for great talent, if you're passionate about what you do and think you can help, email us at: recruit@runsocial.com

RideSocial is part of the same family that created RunSocial, a sister app dedicated to running. For more on RideSocial visit www.RunSocial.com.